Dr. Robert Graham

Dr. Robert Graham, Non-Executive Chairman of Ensyn Corporation, is Ensyn’s founder and has led Ensyn’s commercial and technical development since the first Ensyn company was established in 1984. In March 2020, Bob stepped down as CEO but continues to be actively engaged as an advisor to Ensyn’s senior management team.

Robert is Canada’s pre-eminent authority in his field of applied engineering, the production of value-added products via fast thermal conversion of carbon-based feedstocks. His early work from first principles led to development of Ensyn’s core RTP™ conversion technology and early commercial applications for the production of specialty chemicals and heating fuels from wood residues. Bob led Ensyn’s initiative to become a global leader in the production of cellulosic liquid fuels, establishing several key strategic relationships, including with Honeywell UOP, Suzano, Chevron Technology Ventures and Tesoro.

Robert was awarded the 2014 Purvis Memorial Award by the Chemical Institute of Canada for conceptualizing and commercializing the RTP technology and the 2016 Holmberg Award by the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference for Lifetime Achievement in Bioenergy.

Robert has published more than 60 works in technical and trade journals and has been granted more than 30 patents relating to the conversion of wood and other biomass to chemicals and fuels as well as the upgrading of petroleum. He obtained a B.Sc. from Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario and an M. Eng and Ph.D. from the University of Western Ontario, London.