David Boulard

Lead Director

David Boulard is the Lead Director of Vyterra Renewables and has had an extensive career in the cleantech sector. In his 20+ years in cleantech, David has led technology development, corporate operations and international product and facility development initiatives. In 2006 David developed and financed the construction of Canada’s first biofuel production facilities and in 2018 he led the development and financed the construction of Canada’s largest biofuel facility. To achieve this, David succeeded in developing and maintaining both private and public partnerships including working with several Canadian government agencies mandated to advance clean technologies and raising in excess of $150M in direct investment. David also worked closely with fuel customers and established creative financing and pricing models to facilitate the introduction of new innovative fuel products to meet carbon reduction milestones. He is a former Chairman of the Canadian Federal Government’s technology Roadmap on Bio-Products, and prior to leading Vyterra Renewables, David was Chief Financial officer of Ensyn Corporation, and President of Ensyn Technologies (a subsidiary of Ensyn Corp).