Ensyn establishes Vyterra Renewables, a new Canadian subsidiary, to target Canada, Europe and specific chemical sectors

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Dr. Robert Graham, Chairman of Ensyn Corporation (“Ensyn”), is pleased to announce the establishment of Vyterra Renewables Inc. (“Vyterra Renewables”), a new Canadian subsidiary, to focus on growth opportunities in Canada, Europe and in specific chemical and engineering service sectors.  Vyterra Renewables is based in Ottawa, Ontario and has dedicated staff sourced from Ensyn’s experienced engineering and commercial teams.

The timing of Vyterra Renewables’ establishment is linked to growing demand for Ensyn’s products, driven by the increasing need for decarbonization solutions and by powerful new and proposed decarbonization legislation in Canada and Europe.   These regulatory changes are creating immense and attractive markets for Vyterra Renewables’ low carbon energy and chemical products.

Vyterra Renewables’ business will include the following

  1. Development of production capacity in Canada and Europe, focused primarily on low carbon energy products, including low carbon heating fuels and low carbon transportation fuels.
  2. Licensing and supply of equipment and services to specific chemical sectors worldwide. Vyterra Renewables will incorporate and build on existing relationships with Kerry Group PLC (KYGA: LON) for the production of biochemicals for the food industry and with Circa Group AS (CIRCA: EURONEXT GROWTH OSLO) for the production of their platform molecule Levoglucosenone.
  3. Supply of engineering services to Ensyn projects worldwide. Ensyn anticipates significant growth in deployment of its proprietary RTP® technology by Ensyn and its licensees over the coming years, creating a vast and ready market for engineering services.

The establishment of Vyterra Renewables will be accompanied by Ensyn granting exclusive licenses to Vyterra for Canada, Europe and specific chemical sectors, subject to certain pre-existing rights and relationships.

“Vyterra Renewables has been constituted to provide focused attention and resources on specific market opportunities that are poised for significant growth,” said Dr. Graham. “Vyterra Renewables is initiating its business with powerful momentum; it has a full team of experienced commercial leaders and Ensyn engineers with deep technology know-how, and several key commercial relationships in place.”

“The pressure to decarbonize is creating powerful demand for low-carbon solutions,” said Stefan Muller, Vyterra Renewables’ President. “We have market-ready low carbon solutions that are proprietary and are especially suited for key industrial and commercial sectors that have struggled to find competitive options to lower their carbon footprint.”

About Ensyn

Ensyn Corporation is a developer and producer of low-carbon fuel solutions and renewable chemicals. Ensyn’s low carbon fuels include low-carbon heating and cooling solutions for institutional and industrial customers and low-carbon feedstock solutions in petroleum refineries for the production of renewable transportation fuels. Ensyn’s production is based on processing feedstocks from woody biomass and/or agricultural wastes using a fast thermal conversion process. Ensyn’s energy and growth chemical business represents new applications of a core, platform technology that has been in commercial use for many years in the food chemicals business. Ensyn is executing its low-carbon solutions business plan in alliance with world-class industry leaders across the value chain, including Suzano and Honeywell UOP.   

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