Vyterra Renewables can offer immediate and scalable solutions to deliver major cuts in greenhouse gases.

Our solutions are cost competitive, easy to integrate and applicable across hard to decarbonize sectors.

Our innovative products transform biomass residuals into comprehensive decarbonization solutions.

Low Carbon Fuel Oil for
Heating & Cooling

Vyterra Renewables produces a Low Carbon Fuel Oil that offers an immediate decarbonization solution for heating & cooling. Our Low Carbon Fuel Oil can be combusted in conventional commercial and industrial grade boilers, and has been used in multiple heating platforms including district energy systems, hospitals and heavy industrial processes.

Biochemical Feedstocks and Biochar

Vyterra Renewables offers a scalable platform technology for the production of high value biochemical feedstocks to decarbonize traditional value chains. Vyterra Renewables can also deploy a pathway for long-term carbon removal through its biochar and biomaterials products. Biochar has multiple potential commercial and industrial uses including soil remediation, soil enhancement, bio-asphalt, carbon black, hard carbon and graphite.

Biocrude for

Vyterra Renewables’ can produce biocrude, a low carbon energy product with two separate pathways to decarbonize the transportation sector:
1. Used as a low carbon blendstock for bunker, our biocrude reduces the carbon and sulphur content of marine fuels
2. Used as a low carbon feedstock for refineries, our biocrude yields renewable diesel, renewable gasoline and renewable propane

The application of Vyterra Renewables’ decarbonization solutions can vary depending on site-specific factors and the local regulatory environment, including renewable fuel and sequestration markets.

Vyterra Renewables is a subsidiary of Ensyn Corporation that has been established to deploy Ensyn’s commercially proven RTP® technology to produce decarbonization solutions from biomass residues in Canada and Europe.

The RTP® technology has been in commercial production for more than 30 years and has to date produced more than 200 million liters of biofuels and biochemical feedstock with multiple proven applications that have been successfully deployed in numerous industrial sectors.

About us

Vyterra Renewables’ mission is to accelerate decarbonization in hard to decarbonize sectors.

Biomass, the most abundant renewable fuel resource on Earth, is underutilized in current decarbonization solutions. Despite calls for rapid greenhouse gas emission reductions and atmospheric carbon removal, every year large amounts of biomass residues are left unused. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive suite of both liquid and solid products from biomass residues that can drastically reduce climate change.

Eliminate CO2

Vyterra Renewables’ 80 million litre plant can eliminate up to 168,000 tonnes per year of CO2 equivalent emissions – the same as removing 36,537 cars from our roads

Sequester Carbon

Vyterra Renewables’ biochar can be ideal for carbon sequestration as it contains more than 80% stable carbon

Vyterra Renewables provides decarbonization products from residual biomass feedstocks. Our RTP® fast pyrolysis technology is commercially proven to facilitate the efficient thermal conversion of biomass residuals into products for low carbon fuel production and carbon sequestration. Our innovative, low carbon fuel products achieve cost-effective carbon emission reductions from industrial, commercial and refinery sources, thereby delivering major cuts in greenhouse gases. Through our biochar products, Vyterra Renewables can also provide solutions for permanent atmospheric carbon removal.


Vyterra Renewables’ low carbon fuels are 98% less carbon intensive than coal or fuel oil

Low Carbon

When combined with biochar carbon sequestration, it is estimated that our low carbon fuel has a net negative lifecycle carbon intensity of -1g CO2e/MJ based on wood processing residues.

The economic and environmental benefits of using Vyterra Renewables’ low carbon fuels are numerous. Our products produce 98% less Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions than fuel oil or coal. Vyterra Renewables sources only non-food, non-purpose cut forestry biomass residuals collected through enhanced sustainable forest management practices, thereby reducing the risk of wildfire. And all this is possible while reducing customers’ overall fuel and compliance costs.

Available Now

Today there is a total installed RTP® capacity of 65 million litres per year in North America

Our team

Vyterra Renewables is made up of a team of passionate engineers and cleantech market specialists focused on turning biomass residuals into high value, sustainable decarbonization solutions. We have worked with biomass feedstock suppliers across the globe and know how to efficiently convert residuals into renewable liquids and solids for the growing decarbonization market.

Management Team

Stefan Muller


J-C Amado

Chief Financial Officer

Doug Clarke

SVP Engineering

Raymond Pirraglia

SVP Legal Affairs

Samantha Falk

Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

Sadie Sage

VP Regulatory Affairs

Board of Directors


Sept 14th, 2021

Ensyn establishes Vyterra Renewables, a new Canadian subsidiary, to target Canada, Europe and specific chemical sectors

 OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Dr. Robert Graham, Chairman of Ensyn Corporation (“Ensyn”), is pleased to announce the establishment of Vyterra Renewables Inc. (“Vyterra Renewables”), a new Canadian subsidiary, to focus on growth opportunities in Canada, Europe and in specific chemical and engineering service sectors.  Vyterra Renewables is based in Ottawa, Ontario and has dedicated staff sourced from Ensyn’s experienced engineering and commercial teams.

The timing of Vyterra Renewables’ establishment is linked to growing demand for Ensyn’s products, driven by the increasing need for decarbonization solutions and by powerful new and proposed decarbonization legislation in Canada and Europe.   These regulatory changes are creating immense and attractive markets for Vyterra Renewables’ low carbon energy and chemical products.

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Ottawa, ON, Canada

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